Buy a peach!

Related to the plum and the cherry, and closely to the nectarine, a peach is a sweet, delicious stone-fruit that comes from the deciduous tree Prunus persica.

The peach tree is native to northern China, hence China is the biggest grower (and exporter) of peaches in the world. Peaches grow well in some Mediterranean regions, which descend to low temperatures overnight –peaches have a ‘chilling’ requirement as part of their cultivation.

Peaches usually keep well for several days, making them less perishable than other fruits. Peaches are usually eaten one at a time, like an apple or pear. They are quite large in size, and rich in nutrients.

Peaches are sold at just about every supermarket and grocer in Australia, though you can also order them online. There are several online fruiterers these days, who can deliver right to your door! To order some tasty peaches for your home or office, visit or Harris Farm Markets. Alternatively, you can order peaches at Coles or Woolworths. If you’re in Victoria, a great day out for the family is a trip to Rayner’s Orchard in the Yarra Valley, where you can pick peaches ‘till your heart’s content. They have a lovely cafe and even do orchard tours.